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Re: Understanding "decoupling"

Dan Richards wrote: View Post
I agree with - - without you having to do anything, flex any muscles, etc. Because, there is absolutely no "pushing" involved. At all. In any way. Ever. There is only releasing/draining.

And you'll come around on the rest. : ) This is simple physics. Jet propulsion. Even bottle rockets - fueled by carbon. What's carbon? Stored energy from the sun. The bottle rocket doesn't go up - or in your neighbor's wife's beehive hairdo - because it's pushing or being pushed. It's being propelled ( <--- note that word ) by the release of the energy in the carbon.

When you make a campfire, what makes the wood burn? Where does the energy come from to produce the fire? The earth. bzzz. Sorry, wrong answer. The tree. bzzz. Ooh, sorry again, wrong answer. Contestant number three... The sun. ding, ding, ding, ding. Hal, we have a winner, tell him what he's won.
Dear Dan,
If someone lights a camp fire around midnight when the sun is not shining would the guy be wasting his time since you state that the sun makes the fire light?Sorry your theory is losing me big time.Then again I am possibly a dumb cluck. Cheers, Joe
Ps Ok, the sun may well generate energy, but once generated the wood plus the match makes the fire [given that the wood is dry , and the matches/blowtorch iare working.The wood by itself in an situation where there is no sun is not going to spontaneously combust.Only Moses witnessed the Burning Bush [ not the Ex President ].
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