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Re: Osteoarthritis: Brace users

Janet Rosen wrote: View Post
Stelios, no disrespect intended: I hear what you're saying, and I do get and understand soft tissue issues and myofascial trigger point therapy HOWEVER the OP and I and probably Peter all have stated we are talking about verified bone on bone osteoarthritis. Believe me, sir, if you have experienced bone on bone pain it is very different in quality, location, what triggers it, etc and easy to tell from trigger points.
Yes Janet, i understand. As a manual therapist i get to see this almost every day.
I myself was diagnosed with a osteoarthritic knee (basically most of the cartilage covering my tibia and femur knee parts was destroyed due to heavy weight lifting earlier in my life so the bone surfaces got to deform and swell) and the pain was intolerable. I actually had to resign from jobs such as truck driver due to the agonising pain. Yet, when i was training as a manual therapist i got to learn about myofascial trigger points and once i de-activated most of them in my thigh and pelvis my knee a)stopped aching more that 80% b)begun to work in angles and ways long forgotten.
True, trigger point (TP) de-activation on its own may not restore bone growth or promote bone healing. On the other hand it may do so as i have seen through my everyday practice. It is well known that the presence of TPs will inhibit the body's repairing mechanisms and it is also true that nothing cannot be fixed in the living body.
For what it's worth, i would start by tracing them TPs down and killing them first. Then i would get back and relax or strengthen the relative soft tissues in the area in respect to the individual's life patterns.
Well worth trying.
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