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Re: Osteoarthritis: Brace users

Stelios Papadakis wrote: View Post
Have you people checked for Trigger Points in your quads (esp vastus lateralis, and rectus femoris), in the sartorius, in your iliotibial band/tensor fasciea latae and your gluteus minimus? How is your iliopsoas balanced?
"Osteoarthritis" and "knee pain" symptoms is very VERY commonly just a matter of some nasty trigger points in the muscles mentioned above.
Stelios, no disrespect intended: I hear what you're saying, and I do get and understand soft tissue issues and myofascial trigger point therapy HOWEVER the OP and I and probably Peter all have stated we are talking about verified bone on bone osteoarthritis. Believe me, sir, if you have experienced bone on bone pain it is very different in quality, location, what triggers it, etc and easy to tell from trigger points.

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