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Re: Osteoarthritis: Brace users

Suffering from OA in the knees, my experience is the same as others. Supplements, operations, cortisone and then HA injections. I have read that studies show that the HA shots don't work...but that is on advanced/bone on bone patients. (Pouring water in a bucket with holes isn't going to do much good - better to be proactive and get the shots while there is still cartilage.) P/T regimen...all of this I'm sure you're aware of.

As for braces, I've tried three or four. I really like an 'unloader' type, as it adds stability and alleviates pain. The downside is that it trades off lessening wear and tear on the joint with lack of mobility. The softer and smaller braces offer mobility...but don't alleviate bone on bone pain or torqueing of the knee.
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