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Re: Osteoarthritis: Brace users

Hello Janet,

I have been attending the orthopedic clinic at the Red Cross Hospital for several years now and I have got to know the surgeon quite well. He is the clinic's knee specialist and has usually baulked at my request for custom-made knee braces. I could spend the money and have custom braces made, but he was dubious about the benefits in my case.

On the other hand, I have been having injections of sodium hyaluronate for many years, almost as long as I have known the surgeon. I usually have the injections either just before going abroad for aikido seminars, or just after my return. They have been beneficial and I am planning to have the next set before going to Europe in late March. Since I go twice each year, I have had the injections twice a year also and I certainly believe they helped. Wearing tabi slippers also helped, especially on soft, springy tatami that they use in Europe.

But all the advice I have received so far, from acupuncture & moxa specialists and the excellent Jag therapists in Brunei, states categorically that the degeneration of the joint can be delayed, but will never become regeneration.

Best wishes,


P A Goldsbury
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