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Re: Advice on Knee Support

Andrew Barron wrote: View Post
Thanks for the replies.

I'm dealing with a purely mechanical problem. Bone on bone with limited padding between. I do cycle without pain which is good (mountain and road) but bipedal movement is getting increasingly difficult and hiking season only a few month away ( I hope only three !) Unfortunately the strengthening does not help the bone on bone contact.

I can cheat when I teach and do all pins standing. I also only demo on my good side if I have any nagare or tenkans involved.

I have modified my practice greatly and was hoping to hear from people who have osteoarthritis and have use an OA brace.

Andrew, I am equally curious. I wonder if it would be worth your while taking the post I'm quoting here and spinning it off as a brand new thread topic rather than an old one - some folks may be opening the link, seeing at the OP it's a resurrected thread and clicking away.

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