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Dan Richards
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Re: Skin IS Structure Video 2

Budd, I'm glad you spotted that. I don't ever raise my shoulders in any of the martial arts' movements I do. I was testing it out in the video, it seemed that I could do it without the skin slacking - and I was also paying attention to different things at the time. So, after experimenting a bit more with just that movement, I don't find a way to lift my shoulder at all like that.

For 1. It disconnects the shoulders. 2. It slackens the skin.

The first one I already knew, but I'm not interesting in that, because I'm not interested in all the various body parts in this. Just the skin.

So, you've actually helped me tighten this model up even more. It's good there are those who can see that far into it. The unedited typos and mistakes are proving more valuable than what I knew already worked. Thanks...
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