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Re: How small is your aikido

Thank you Takahashi Sensei. Good stuff.
Space = time. So controlling the space is crucial to efficiency. I've found that when nage utilizes big movements, I (as uke) have a lot of time (to regain balance, & possibly counter). And this has been the case with Shihans X, Y, and Z.
For the same reasons as uke I don't like taking big ukemi. I prefer to be very close to nage to again put myself in the best possible position.
My experiences with my own teacher (Takeguchi Sensei) have definitely solidified my goal of constantly striving to ‘get smaller', more subtle. Takeguchi Sensei is very close up and does not give you an inch, meaning very little space or time to counter.
That said I think a lot of people simply like big movements. Things are easier to see and you can get good cardio in. It can be fun and that's fine as well.
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