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Dan Richards
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Understanding "resonance"

Your body is a body, that's why it's called a body.

Very simple, your body resonates - literally sounds various notes - through numerous sources, including movement, breath, residual energy, etc.

In my Skin IS Structure topology, the entire skin on the body acts as one, single skin. And it's that skin that's the structure. Not the skeleton, not the muscles, not the tendons, etc.

When we tune the entire skin, then we can create an alive structure. Until we tune the skin, that's like beating on a drum with a very loose head "skin." Also known as a "dead" head.

Once the body, through the tuned skin, becomes a single structure - it begins to resonate even more.

Understand resonance as a collection of energy - aka frequencies, vibrations, notes.

And it is important to not allow a build up of resonance in the body. Whatever "collection of energy" that's in the body at any given moment - needs to move through and out of the body. Not get stuck and backed up.

Resonance is moved out of the body by "decoupling." Which I'll explain in another post.
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