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Re: Advice on Knee Support

First thing we all need to understand is how no two of us are alike. I have awful osteo in the knee that was blown out over a dozen years ago, but can get up and down off the mat pretty well within the context of a couple of classes a week - its standing and pivoting that kill me, so weapons work can be hard....
I was one of the original voices for "don't do seiza" and realizing the limitations of braces. Having said that, there ARE now specific high tech braces made specifically for folks who have trouble with simple weightbearing (standing, walking) - like Andrew I'd be interested in hearing any specific feedback on these.
Myself, if it came down to being on the verge of stopping training or not being able to take walks or garden the way I'd like, the next step I'd look into (assuming my insurance covered it) would be one of the hyaline or viscous types of injections and after that joint replacement.

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