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Michael Varin
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Re: Olympics to chuck out wrestling?

I haven't looked at AikiWeb in a week or so and this is the first thing I see!

I'm disgusted.

This just goes to show the direction the Olympics have been heading in for some time now.

I saw TV ratings mentioned. The funny thing is that wrestling is one of the only sports I want to watch in the Olympics, but they show it at the worst possible times. How many viewers can you get at 3:38 am?

If I were in charge (and I'm 100% certain that I never will happen) the Olympics would be pared down to track & field; wrestling, both Greco-Roman and free-style; boxing; mma; a traditional display of gymnastics, including rope climbing; weight lifting; and swimming.

There are many other great sports, games, and activities. Many that I enjoy.

None belong in the Olympics.

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