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Howard Popkin
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Joe Brogna and Dimitri Deglas Feb 23,24 in Florida Facebook for the event 1

ebruary 23 & 24: Daitoryu Aikijujitsu Ginjukai Seminar
Aikido of Palm Beach County is proud to announce that Joe Brogna and Dimitri Deglas will be teaching a seminar in Daitoryu Aikijujitsu Ginjukai. This style of Daitoryu emphasizes soft, yet precise, small circular movements to disable an attacker. The "Aiki" principles taught at this seminar will be of great value to those who study Aikido and other popular martial arts. Sensei Brogna and Sensei Deglas will provide dual instruction in all classes throughout the seminar.

Seminar Schedule:
Saturday, February 23
10:00 am 4:00pm
Sunday, February 24
10:00 am 4:00pm

Registration Information:
$75 per day, $65 if pre-registered by February 1st
$140 for 2 days, $125 if pre-registered by February 1st

This seminar is limited to 30 participants.
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