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Jeff Tibbetts
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I see what you're saying, maybe I should be more clear© I am a pacifist when it comes to personal matters© Despite what flame that might bring from some people, that's what attracts me to Aikido© If someone came at me today, or next year, chances are I would hit them untill they stopped moving© This is not a desired outcome, so I want to break that idea out of my head and replace it with another one© I've never been in a real fight and I'm proud of that, I can almost always talk people down© That's good Aikido, but there are some cases where that is not an option, and I wouldn't want to hurt or kill someone to defend myself© I know well that many of these techniques can be used to incapacitate or break bones or joints, but that's like telling me that if you punch someone in the nose they'll bleed and go away© That's a different kind of training© What I'm saying is, if done properly you shouldn't have to hurt someone too badly© But should you? You can hold someone in a pin all day long with relative ease, or you can project them somewhere else, but how do you really stop someone who wants to hurt you in a way that makes sense for everyone© I see what you're getting at in that last bit about how it's for their own good, but do you really think that's true? It's a good point and I'll think about that, but this is America ¥for me anyway¤ and we are taught to get angry or blame anyone but ourselves for our actions© I sincerely doubt that someone with the moral looseness to attack another person in the first place is going to reconsider their life goals because they can't land a blow in your face without getting tossed or pinned© They'll more than likely actually take that agression out on someone else, which is even worse morally©©© this is why this is such a tough question for me, I keep getting deeper into it©

thanks again, Jeff

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