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Double Grading!

First off, I'd just like to say that I had my first grading last Tuesday, which went better than I anticipated. I was initially to be graded for 6th Kyu and was both surprised and delighted to be awarded 5th Kyu at the end of my exam!!
Despite becoming a little overwhelmed at the start during the tai sabaki movements.

I have a little background in Karate from years ago which probably helped me pick up basic movements during my time training, I was only training for 3 months before I graded, so jumping from nothing to 5th never crossed my mind once during my time training. I know in Aikido it's "not about the belt" so to speak and I realise that double grading isn't uncommon, especially during the lower/beginner rankings.

At the same I was wondering have people experienced this in general, for themselves or where they train?
It would be interesting to see other people's perspective on the matter, especially those who have more experience under their belt(s) than me (pun not intended)
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