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Re: Olympics to chuck out wrestling?

Marc Abrams wrote: View Post
The sad fact is that the world wrestling bodies did not engage in the behind-the-scenes bribe bazaar that fueled this committees decisions. The wrestling bodies did not feel that one of the the oldest, original Olympic sports stood any chance, whatsoever, of being scrapped. The IOC has been identified many times as a craven and corrupt entity. This decision confirms the obvious..

As an old wrestler, I am beyond disgusted.......

Marc Abrams
Indeed. The favourite to be dropped was the modern pentathlon which was made up by Arthur Conan Doyle and has a good chance of becoming a widespread sport the moment everyone on the planet manages to own a horse, a rifle and take fencing lessons. However, Juan Samaranch's son just happens to be the president of the pentathlon organisation!

Wrestling isn't just an ancient Greek sport, it's an ancient sport of humanity. It's also surely one of the most widely practiced sports, at least more than field hockey and synchronised swimming. And olympic golf??? Doesn't Tiger Woods have enough gold already?

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