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Hmmm, fathers have a way of making you look at things differently. for instance my father is a coppa' and generealy enjoys all the law he can cram down his throat, and my sisters for that matter who's studying to be a solicitor (there's always a black sheep) anyhoo he's done aikido as part of his training and thinks its very effective in stopping ppl especialy if he runs out of CS gas to blast em with.

My point as ever which is buried under bad grammer and a ballistic approach to punctuation is that aikido is not just about stopping yourself from getting hurt, it is a way to disarm or render your assailent harmless they'll willingly give up instead of beating them unconcious. for instance, do you know many people that will get up after a good yonkyo? is he really going to do anything else then scream and eventualy beg?

dont forget that alot of aikido moves can easily break limbs without thought, its just that were tought to think about it and so use it against them put a bit of pressure on but not snap their arms off etc...

i feel confident that if someone is raving around the street going for ppl and they happen to come upon me i'll snap their arm like a twig, not because i can but because that is the best way of stopping HIM getting hurt.

think about that, him not anyone else, sure they'll be others who might get a bashin of him but its most likely that a big gang of lads are gonna take offence and prolly knife him. so your kinda helpin everyone.

anyhoo thats how i rationalise it.

any other thought peeps?


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