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Re: The Floating Slinky of Heaven

LOL @ Travers. I know what you mean. We're not arguing. We're playing around and sharing. And I'm glad you brought it up. It's a great point. It's also a catalyst for me to formulate more of this into words that will help people understand and start to get some of this stuff. So, thank you. : )

They are different stances, and are both considered low stances. And "they are the same" within the context of "skin as structure." Try them both, back and forth, and you'll see that if they're done properly, the balance and position of the center does not change. Do shiko, and notice the tautness of the skin in the legs. Then move to kiba - but to experiment, don't move the knees inward. You'll feel a slackness in the skin. Then move the knees in, and you'll feel the skin tighten back up like it was in shiko.

These are actually very good beginning postures to work with to tune the "skin" on your drum.

At :30 Akuzawa does shiko

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