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Re: Use of the term Aikido"ka"

Hi Chris

In the 1950s/60s, I had never heard the term Aikidoka, in fact, I can't really remember when I first heard it used.
With the early teachers such as Kenshiro Abbe and Masahilo Nakazono students were refered to as Aikidoists..

Someone once wrote about one of my articles on a forum ( maybe AW ) , there was a reply " what does Henry Ellis know about Aikido, he referes to Aikidoka as ` Aikidoists `.

I did not bother to reply that I had a letter from the Doshu, stating " Aikidoists who were awarded Dan Grades by the founder are becoming fewer year by year. I believe that a person like you is very presious ".

I did find it interesting that the Doshu still used the term ` Aikidoist `.

Henry Ellis
Co-author of the book `Positive Aikido`.
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