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Re: Same ranks, but different colours?

Dan Richards wrote: View Post
Ashley, I like your enthusiasm! The hallmark of a dedicated martial artist. Nuts, too. Check.

And lest we forget; we are all children.

Now I want a colored belt, damn it!
Let's face it, I am sure that all of us has said at least once, 'Well, it hurts, but not quite the way it needs to hurt, twist my wrist back and then... YES!" followed by frantic tapping. That means we are all nuts. But seriously, I made a hugely terrifying life decision, quit my job as a retail manager, lost my insurance, steady paycheck and security so I could go back to school full time, and had no idea if I was doing the right thing, or if I had just made the dumbest decision of my life. And then, I met my Sensei and started Aikido. I did Ishin Ryu karate, a sport, not traditional style, but almost 15 years prior to this, and I truly did love it. And Aikido clicked with me in a way that karate never did. I have never felt so much joy on the mat than when I do Aikido. And now, I have my 2 year degree finished, I am almost through my 4 year degree, and I am looking at Ph.D programs. Studying Aikido was a confirmation to me that I had made the right decision, as as I progress in school and in Aikido, they both reinforce each other and remind me that I made the right decision.

Also, I can say that Aikido has made me a better person. I am better at 'reading' people, I am better at maintaining relationships with professors as well as students. And weirdly enough, my road rage problems are completely gone. Aspects of my life that I knew needed improvement, but I just didn't have time to deal with suddenly got better with no conscious effort on my part. I attribute all of my positive life changes to Aikido, so... yeah, I'm enthusiastic.

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