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Re: Is modern Aikido based on the atomic bomb rather than the sword?

Demetrio Cereijo wrote: View Post
...the Spanish going into the Phillippines. (Initially the stick-armed Filipinos even managed to beat the sword-armed Spaniards.) Evenly the Spanish won, and took over the Phillippines. And the Spanish banned the practice and training of martial arts there. The Filipinos, though, keep up these "dances" they had, and wore costumes with openly concealed information. They - as well as many other cultures invaded by other countries - hide their arts in "dances."
Typical 19th Century nationalist narrative.... aka bs.
As a Filipino and a student of my own country's history, I will have to agree with Senor Cereijo that this is a myth. There is no recorded battle where the natives of the Philippine Islands armed solely with sticks won over sword-armed Spaniards. Even at the Battle of Mactan in 1521 where Ferdinand Magellan was slain, the natives led by their chief, Lapulapu, are recorded as being armed not only with "sticks hardened in fire" but with iron-tipped spears and cutlasses. Oh, and they outnumbered the Spaniards by almost one hundred to one.. hardly a fair fight.
However, I'll have to disagree that this myth arose as a result of "Nationalist BS" because no credible Filipino Historian ever peddled the tale of "stick-armed Filipinos defeating sword-armed Spaniards". This myth was most probably started by martial arts teachers trying to hype the "deadly" techniques of their school.

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