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Joe Sweeney (Shinken) wrote:

If you find yourself questioning the martial ability of aikido (thinking maybe what you want is actually aikijujitsu), I encourage you (and everyone!) to buy Gozo Shioda's book Aikido Shugyo ...

It's not that I'm questioning the effectiveness of Aikido; that's another issue. Thank you, Shinken, for the recommendation though. My primary interest in a new Aikido video is for entertainment. Some people enjoy watching the silly desplays of pro "wrestling"; I find footage of powerfully executed Aikido/Aiki Jujutsu more compelling. Is my interest aroused by the male proclivity to observe violence? Possibly, but when I watch (or participate in) well executed Aikido the feeling of conflict (and eventual resolution) is strong. Technique with strong intent and engagement is intersting to watch. The lack of which is why I find WWF/WWE and sometimes boxing boring.

At this point in my training, I find my self constantly in awe of my seniors and also frustrated. Some people's Aikido is so subtle, it's hard to tell what's going on in their technique. Unless I can enter an uchi-deshi program, I have limited opportunity to train with many advanced Aikidoka. Therefore, I must rely on watching others. I respect the beautiful techniques of my sempai, but there is also an attraction to the direct and efficient application of Aiki. The movements in this martial/military Aiki (I mistakenly used the term "militant" in my first post ... different connotation) seem to be more discrete and the forces involved are easier to identify.

I'm hoping to spend my limited funds on an entertaining video. However, I'll be more than entertained; I'll be enlightened by appreciating a dynamic art. If I learn something too ... that will be a bonus. As for Chiba Sensei, after my first (and last) practice session with him, I'll stick to watching him on tape.

reflections on Ueshiba's "Aiki Budo" video anyone?


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