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Re: It Had to Be Felt #34: Suganuma Morito: The Calligrapher

Hi Gary,

Ellis is out of town currently (as am I, but I bought a little Chromebook to keep me online) from what I understand, so I'm answering in his stead here.

I moved your post outside of your thread specifically because of the following two stipulations that Ellis has named for posters responding within the "It Had to Be Felt" column threads:
  • Simply post your direct experience of taking ukemi. This can include the nature of your relationship with them, as ukemi is more than merely taking falls.
  • Follow-up posts should be substantive, striving to equal the depth of the original essay. Simply agreeing with the writer, or a brief comment that, yes, the teacher in question was really powerful or had a wonderful shihonage or the like, are not congruent with the purpose of this archive.

Please feel free to read each of the original articles within each thread or any of their follow-up posts to see the kind of posts which comply to these (and the other) rules.


-- Jun

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