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Re: The techniques of Budo Renshuu #50-60

Christopher Li wrote: View Post
Hmm, what make you think that those things don't exist in Daito-ryu?
After watching a bunch of DR vids on Youtube it looks to me that those things are incidental to particular techniques whereas Ueshiba seems to have placed greater emphasis on them in his overall approach.

Christopher Li wrote: View Post
And what is the "away" part?
"Away" as in a departure from the rigid formalism present in DR form and presentation. "Away" as in the elimination of the coup de gras blow that punctuates the end of most DR techniques.

Christopher Li wrote: View Post
And what makes you think there's any more "forcing" going on in Daito-ryu than there is in Aikido?
Just the way it looks, especially against shomen and yokomen attacks. Ueshiba displays very little of the abrupt stoppage of uke's motion in his technique that is apparent in a lot of the DR stuff I've watched. Ueshiba grants his ukes far more freedom of motion.

Pity that we don't have moving pictures of Takeda to compare to.


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