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Deb Fisher
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Jason Tonks wrote:

"When I have trained with people who have trained in this soft flowing style I have often found myself in a difficult position. What I mean by that is that the I'm taking ukemi unnecessarily. The technique is not on and the power is not there, ie - I'm going so as not to appear an awkard Uke."

Yes, I have had that experience. But you're not learning *that* aikido, right? Otherwise you wouldn't even notice that you're being too gracious as uke when you visit these Mama Bear Dojo.

I guess what I'm assuming is that most of us are in the middle somewhere between Soft Flowing Balls of Ki and Chiba Sensei's Nikkyo. That seems right to me - that feels like a good place to talk about what is interesting about this thread, which is the interplay, the resolution of hard and soft, which seem to happen fairly concurrently during any balanced practice.

Or at least that's my $.02


Deb Fisher
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