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Re: Is modern Aikido based on the atomic bomb rather than the sword?

Christopher Li wrote: View Post
Budo as a device for peaceful purposes is hardly a modern invention, it came along long before Ueshiba.
As far as I understand it TSKSR is build upon this understanding of budō. And this is really an old school - koryū.

To me it is important to try to understand the meaning of "love" or "peace" in the historical, philosophical, linguistic context it was used by People like Iizasa or Ueshiba. And differentiate it from an understanding of "love, peace and happiness" like it was born in the late sixities in the US or here in Europe.

Dan Richards wrote: View Post
I'd be interested in knowing from anyone who might have more specifics on the history: How long did Ueshiba openly take on challengers in the dojo?
Until the End of the fifties, I was told.

And I read about the same time, somewhere in aikido journal. Someone hurt his shoulder so he couldn't practice budō any more. This expierence made Ueshiba stop accepting challenges.

When I read in Legacies of the sword, that an 8th dan aikidō challenged a pracitioner of KSSR and lost, I allways wonder whether this must have been during the sixities, when there where was a kind of connection?
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