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Dan Richards
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Re: Is modern Aikido based on the atomic bomb rather than the sword?

Robert, I just noticed your signature. Thank you! Right there in plain sight is the admission by a major Aikikai Shihan that they've been going for quantity over quality all this time.

"In my opinion, the time of spreading aikido to the world is finished; now we have to focus on quality." Yamada Yoshimitsu
So, NOW, we're going to get the quality? And who's going to supply that?

If you were wanting to truly explore the ins and outs of making the perfect steak, would you really go to McDonald's? The explosive microbrewery movement in the US didn't need to go to Budweiser.

My money's on a new generation of people who are willing to step out of the ranks and freely explore, examine, and share. The proof is in the pudding. Many of them are already in place and the movement is underway. People are starting to demand a deeper level of experience.

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