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Re: The techniques of Budo Renshuu #50-60

Ron Ragusa wrote: View Post

This video clearly shows that by 1935 Ueshiba had begun to evolve away from his DR background. There is a lot of blending with uke's motion, leading the attacks and throwing via "fitting" as opposed to forcing uke to move in a particular direction.

Hmm, what make you think that those things don't exist in Daito-ryu?

And what is the "away" part?

And what makes you think there's any more "forcing" going on in Daito-ryu than there is in Aikido?

There have been a couple of threads on Aikiweb about the differences between Daito-ryu and modern Aikido, and none of them have really thrown up much in the way of significant differences in the technical realms.

What Ueshiba was doing in 1935 was close enough to what Takeda was doing that Takeda moved on seamlessly when he took over the Asahi Shimbun dojo in that same year.

Ueshiba was issuing Daito-ryu scrolls up until the late 1930's, well past the Asahi Shimbun demonstration.

This is the same period in which the book "Budo" was created, and we know from Morihiro Saito's testimony that what Ueshiba was doing in Iwama in the 1960's most closely resembled the 1938 technical manual.

We know from this study that there's virtually a one-to-one correlation between basic Aikido technique and the Hiden Mokuroku of Daito-ryu.

And finally, Morihei Ueshiba himself thought that Daito-ryu (in the person of Yoshiyuki Sagawa) was close enough to what he was doing that Sagawa was invited to teach at the Aikikai Hombu dojo in the mid-1950's.



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