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Re: The techniques of Budo Renshuu #50-60

Szczepan Janczuk wrote: View Post
2.You are literally catching attacking hand with your one hand when attacker is doing shomen uchi -- it is very …how should I say in polite way….simplistic If you watch 1935 video of O sensei, he is always cutting attacker's attack.
3. I don't believe that O sensei did ANY technique without atemi -- in your video it is not really visible…

Once you apply these three points, the techniques will start to have some martial dimensions.
It's funny, because I don't really remember him cutting the attacker down from the 1935 film. So I watched it again just now, and I can't say I better understand what you are talking about.

He catches most of the strikes and doesn't seem to cut them down. Maybe I don't understand what you mean by "cutting the attackers attack".

Also, on the third point, I was actually surprised after watching the film again at how few atemi he is using. In the book, I know that I missed several of the atemi after watching my video and looking at the book.It's funny in the video he doesn't do all that much atemi.

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