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Re: Translating "styles"

Hello to everyone again,

And again, thank you for your prompt replies to my questions.
In fact I already joined local dojo. Iīm in the 3rd lesson now, and really enjoying it. And itīs "Aikikai", from what I hear.
Obviously that at my stage of understanding really doesnīt matter if itīs Aikikai, Yoshinkai (or any other kind of "kai")... but the question was to try to "undress" all the branches/styles out there, and from you... you all, who are practicing in diferent dojos, diferent styles, branches, etc... Because for a newbee like myself, everything I hear in the dojo is bound to be the most absolute truth.

So I guess I can safely train in this "branch" for a lot of years, before the "style" question arrises again within me, and without compromising any other that I may decide itīs more suitable for me..., right?

Thank you once again.
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