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Re: Translating "styles"

Hello Felipe,

Are you asking about styles because you're looking for an aikido dojo and want to choose one based on the style? If so, you will probably save yourself some time by approaching the problem from the other end. First, see what dojos are in your area (within a distance where you're willing to travel on a regular basis, three times a week or more, to train). Find out what styles these dojos practice (this will only be a small subset of all the different styles of aikido), and use the resources of Aikiweb and elsewhere to get a general idea of what those styles are like. Finally, but most importantly, visit the dojos, see what they're actually doing, meet the people, and decide where you'd like to train. If you want to choose the best possible dojo, you don't want to base your decision on abstract information that may not mean that much in real life.
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