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Bernd Lehnen
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Re: Sometimes you just gotta be honest

Walter Oude Wesselink wrote: View Post
Yes, Dan is the best martial artist i have ever met.

I have been doing the IP/aiki now almost 2 years and what i can see now a little bit is the incredible amount of effort, dedication and time Dan has invested to get where he is at the moment.

A rose is a rose is a rose and Dan is Dan is….and what he serves, apparently the real thing.

I suppose, if Dan ever stopped his training he might be easier to keep up with, but as he obviously never stops, …….

What really counts is that you see some improvement in the achievement of the objectives he and you have set out for, at least a beginning of it. Two years isn't really that little time, if well spent.

So you see some progress, don't you? I guess, Dan would like to see this.

And you would make you the envy of me.
(Because, sometimes you just gotta be honest)

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