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Re: "resisting" a push part 2

This is my last post on this topic:

Think of aiki as a balance skill. In order to balance something, you have to let its weight/force integrate into yours. If you don't and push back against it, it isn't integrated, and thus never a part of you. I have spoke elsewhere, about letting pressure go into your feet. If you resist, you can't get that pressure get into your feet as it gets stuck elsewhere in the body. Working on this is totally "un-natural" and counterintutive, because for most people when you let that force get in to themselves, they find that they become compromised and weak. That's why you start out with very light pressure. Once that weight/energy is integrated in you, it is a part of you. You move your arm and the other person moves as well and you feel no resistance. This is much the same how we usually don't feel much of any resistance to lifting our own arms up, because they are attached and part of us, but when we add a 1 lb weight, we become sensitive to it.

If you start fighting that incoming force, you start fighting yourself. Retraining the body not to fight itself and to let that force enter the body is part of why IS is such a slow process.

I think there is a video out there of Ikeda standing on a kart with casters? If he was to resist and push against the technique, he would push himself backwards. Be mindful of this when you practice waza. The next time you perform a technique, feel where you weight goes. Feel how the pressure changes on your feet. Feel if you get pulled forwards or backwards, and if you tend to let Uke's energy enter into you, or if you actively try not to let it go into you.
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