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Bernd Lehnen
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Re: Int. Vs. Ext - resisting a push

Chris Western wrote: View Post

Sorry. I think that I was being off topic(mostly for myself). I love this stuff. There is a bunch of it here on Aikiweb. It's just a matter of wading through it. Many of those that used to post here do not anymore. That's what makes me sad. Those with more experience, that can or could be a help to those interested in IP/Aiki are silent(whatever the reason may be). Maybe I'm being too negative. The blind leading the blind,etc. So don't mind me... :0)

Take Care,

Sure I do.

I owe you an answer.

Trying to not get much further off topic. Jun has been very generous so far.

Bill Gleason apparently never has posted anything here. Dan and others seem to keep silent for a while. May be, that will change (again) in the future.

So far, I have never personally met anyone in aikido, who could see absolutely clear; all were blind or may be up to threequarterblind, not to speak of teaching ability. We all suck.

But, to bring some light into internal training in aikido is a worthy endeavour. Even if our most wished for don't or can't take part.
To my mind this thread is a worthy attempt. No one of us partially blind makes the attempt to lead all others; we simply discuss and see, what we can get out of this all. The exchange of completely differing opinions may lead us to a clearer sight.
And take for example Chris Hein, his constantly stubborn "so what" attitude might further help to not cultivating alien hothouse ideas. Would be a pity to see him quit, too.
Then think of those others I mentioned, they're all posting, and slowly we might come further and further and learn something together.
In this thread we've tried out and discussed, even strongly debated, several propositions.
Why, it's not all that bad. You might chime in..

Take care.

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