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Re: experiences in applying a float to waza?

was out for awhile. looked like the conversation hasn't change much.

to the OP, i usually "float" the other person when i want them to go down. i don't normally think of float, but getting under, i.e. sink the qi/ki/chi (SJT #1). many folks i dealt with tend to be physically taller than me, so floating isn't a problem. creating a purer ground path is usually more problematic. for me, as a short person, i tend to drop on top, then float, then on top, sort of a wave. since working with IS, i don't worry too much about being early, on time or late to deal with uke. the phrase "already there" has a whole new meaning. sometimes i played a bit of a game, by letting other folks slammed into me with full power to see how pure is my ground path and then proceed to do whatever techniques that we were practicing at the time. the difficult thing for me is to keep my quads from react to incomming force.

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