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Re: Aikido and inner aggression

hi there,

if you want to use your aikido practice to learn to react to conflict with freedom, i have found it a great place to do that. For me, that is what it is for. Anger is just one option, sometimes it has its uses (or so it seems to me now but i have already changed my mind about a lot and next year will be different). But if you want to use aikido to change your mind, i think you need to be lucky or careful enough to find the right teachers.

I also find aikido a good place to create some mental space, lighten up, and drop my thinking for a bit. But realistically, it took a bit of work to get to that point, and some months and years it was not what happened. Training really hard helped initially (wear yourself out).

Just find a good dojo and keep training. it will come. But
I do not know how long you have been at it.

with respect

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