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Walter Martindale
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Re: Aikido and inner aggression

What Seiser Sensei said...
Try to remember that you're in a training and learning environment, and you may find that taking turns thumping each other around (once you've learned how to take better than you can give) in an environment where you're "protecting" your partner while having a heck of a hard workout, you'll find Aikido to be very cathartic. ("blow off steam-tic")...
The big thing to avoid when you're learning stuff is to remember it ain't personal, and if it starts getting personal, don't let it get personal. (remember - you CAN use Aikido to hurt someone really badly, but make the conscious choice not to - you CAN but shouldn't throw someone 'low' so their head hits as the body goes over the top, but you CHOOSE to throw them so they have enough room to go over and take the fall safely - you CAN but won't/shouldn't cause lots of damage to elbows, radius, ulna, wrist, shoulder; don't even think about exploring that 'dark' side...) After all - if you hurt your training partner(s), you won't have them to practice with - partly because they will be hurt, and partly because you likely won't be welcome if you regularly hurt training partners.
Speaking from my own experience and observations - the catharsis from a good hard aikido session has helped me stay calm in sometimes stressful situations outside the dojo.
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