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Re: "resisting" a push part 2

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[w]e can't adequately explain it to your [Chris Hein's] satisfaction, so there's only one option left: go get a sampling and conduct the requisite analysis by meeting Dan or a reasonable analogue. The effort to form a western-centric model and rationale is fruitless without you working off the same data points as those with whom you're trying to engage in said effort.
For what it's worth, like proving the Earth actually being round despite the prevailing skepticism prior to circumnavigation of the globe (i.e. adequate technical ability to achieve the proof), it'll be great when IP/IS is appropriately scientifically modeled! If that leads to improved efficiencies in the training protocols, then fantastic! Even then, the metaphors will be valuable because the technical explanations likely will, ironically, be too, well, technical and granular to be practical.

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