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Mert Gambito
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Re: "resisting" a push part 2

Jonathan Wong wrote: View Post
Actually this is a good example of one of the things I was talking about. People usually think "using the psoas" means flexing them and therefore causing the joints spanned by those muscles to flex.
True. No one muscle / grouping of muscles are trained/used in isolation during any of the IP/IS exercises or body connection and movement theories to which we've been exposed in Hawaii.

Jonathan Wong wrote:
I'm excited about hypothesizing but we should be clear when we are doing it. The fact is we don't understand what the role of the ANS is here, if any. I have fun hypotheses too, like the idea that some of this training may make motor behavior more controlled by the cerbellum, which would NOT feel conscious to us, instead of the cortex, the traditional seat of volitional motor behavior. But, this is all just fun possibilities rather than explaining to someone unequivocally what is happening.
Yeah, to be clear, I'm using "autonomic" in the general sense (, vs. specifically referring to the ANS.

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