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Re: depression, has practicing Aikido helped in any way?

thank you both for responding in kind. I dont see Aikido as a "universal pancea" as someone has suggested, in fact all I actual see it as is form or flowing self defence at its core. I dont impose any spirtual aspect to it, or some harmony with universe type thinking although I do find that aspect interesting. I am not here to tread on anyones feet or beliefs and I respect not just your beliefs but also your art. I respect any martial art. I tend to be a skeptic on many things and I dont see anyone thing as a cure all for a condition as depression but I do wish to know other peoples opinions and experiences if you have had depression or anxiety and found Aikido helped you. I guess it could be any martial art or activity but the peaceful nature of Aikido seems better than being smashed into the mat in say Judo or JuiJitsu. By then what do I know. Perhaps people with depression who practice those arts also find they are just as helpful. Thanks for responding.
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