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Re: depression, has practicing Aikido helped in any way?

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Odd question maybe. If you have had depression or anxiety has practicing Aikido helped in any way? Has it made you less stressed or mindful and therefore able to cope better with depression if you have it? I find I get in some awful black moods before going to the dojo but the focus and time spent there helps lift or alleviate my depression at the time. It could be said that any activity that focuses the mind for an hour or two would help.

Just wanted to know peoples opinions if they have or still do suffer with depression. I dont see any sole activity as a cure, not exercise or anything like that but surely something as focused as Aikido can help to a certain degree and at certain times at least.

Also; is it wrong to take an anti-depressant while training in Aikido? Not so much in that it could make you sleepy or drowsy as I dont have that effect with mine and I can certainly focus well while at the dojo. The question is more of an ethical nature, I dont ssmoke, drink or take drugs but I don in effect take a legalised drug which is an anti-depressant. Another odd question I know. Thanks
I started doing Aikido when I was in some of the worst of my depression and anxiety. I believe the social interaction and focus on physical activity made a big difference for me. In retrospect the focus on personal discipline and "victory over self" also helped reinforce my efforts to address my mindset positively; it fit nicely as part of my overall efforts.
I don't see anything wrong with taking an anti-depressant while training.
Good luck and good training!
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