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Re: "resisting" a push part 2

Bernd Lehnen wrote: View Post
But did you simply bypass my main question, or are you saying, modern athletics provides us with everything we need, so we don't need the example of Ueshiba any more in aikido, or we don't need internal training or what?
Not sure.
Sorry, I thought your main point was that Ueshiba was very impressive late in life. I see now that your main question was- did Ueshiba anticipate modern athletics?

I guess I glossed over that question because I didn't understand it.

I believe Ueshiba was a guy who used his body a lot. I also believe he had a pretty good working knowledge of how to use it. I don't think he was physically doing anything that many of his peers couldn't also do. I think what Ueshiba was onto wasn't so much about the body, but more about the mind. I think he saw problems of conflict differently than most people do. I know studying Aikido has made me look at conflict much differently than I did before studying it.

I do believe since Ueshiba's time we understand the body much better. So I don't think he was showing us the future in his movements.

I do believe he's an important figure in Aikido, if not the single most important figure. I think the impressive thing about him was not the way he used his body, but the way he looked at the situation.

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