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Re: Dangerous Situations

Old post I know. Sorry to hear of the bullying you experienced Alic, it makes it all the more awful reading it as you had come to a new country and didnt know the language. I was bullied in my home country and it was bad enough but as a child I spent two years in America and fortunately wasnt bullied. I adopted an American accent as a kid to fit as I didnt think my peers would understand broad Yorkshire accent lol. As for the scissors incident, I understand your intent and you were showing anger and you learnt from that and wouldnt use that kind of force again, dangerous as it was at the time.

As children we percieve situations that are dangerous at the time that as adults we might take a different perspective on. Being a child and being confronted by a group of 5-6 other children that are threatening or willing to beat the crap out of you is very scary and our body will tell us 'this is dangerous'. As an adult being confronted by a 5-6 adults with the same intent IS dangerous, you can be beat to death and I hear often of stories of people who were killed by one punch, the punch knocked them to the floor and the victim hit their head on the floor in such a way that it knocked them unconcious and killed them.

As for dangerous situations, I have had a knife pulled on me twice, one situation I feared I might have gotten stabbed and the other I think it was more bravado and a threat as I knew the guy weilding the knife. The situation I feared I might have gotten stabbed I ran,ran as fast as I have ever run. The guy weilding the knife, his friend ran in the pub across the street to get his friends inside and soon as I saw them come out I ran down the street. I had boots on a rucksack on my back full of stuff but they couldnt catch me. This was 21 years ago, long before I ever took up martial arts.

Other than that, no real dangerous situations like earthquakes, robbers, fires or dangerous dogs. As I live in UK never seen a gun crime or gun aimed at me. It does happen but I have never seen it. A guy once threatened to point a gun at me, blow my head off but I just ignored him, I think he was bluffing and on drugs but I got on my bike and cycled away. Just and idiot. Shook me up though.
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