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Re: White belt to 6th kyu (yellow belt)

Kevin Tejan wrote: View Post
After 9 months of intense training in seidokan Aikido, im ready to test for my first rank 6th kyu. What does this belt mran? Understanding some basic techhniques of Aikido.? thank you!
Hi Kevin

Your 6th Kyu will probably mean more to you than to anyone else in its achievment.
We at the ESTA still use the coloured belt system that originated from Judo in the 1950s. The white belt informs anyone training with you what standard you are. We the Ellis Schools of Traditional Aikido still use the coloured belt system. I alway tell my students that green belt ( 3rd Kyu ) is the most important belt of all before black - In 1957 I was graded green belt and became dojo assistant to Sensei Williams and Kenshiro Abbe, I seem to value the memories of that more than my Shihan promotion. Every teacher was once a 6th Kyu - not many remember that.
Enjoy your grades

Henry Ellis
Co-author of ` Positive Aikido`

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