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Re: "resisting" a push part 2

Christopher Li wrote: View Post

Since you, yourself, say that there are "many unique methods" in internals, what's the point here?


If we took a college athlete (someone who plays sports). And had him try and solve the same physical problems that an internal person was presenting- he would solve the problems in the same way as the internal person. Without having to study 'internal'.

That is the distinction I am making. The end result, and the way to people achieve it- internal or athlete will be the same.

Athletics is the word I use to describe western studies of body use. These are mostly oriented around sports, but have much application beyond that. These studies are just as sophisticated- if not more so, then traditional Chinese methods.

The real reason for all of this is to help people realize that when you study Aikido, you are simply using your body efficiently. Understanding how the body works is available to all. You don't have to see a special teacher, or believe a special faith, your local football coach has a pretty good idea about proper body use. What is unique about internal is the way they teach these things, but not the end result they produce.

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