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Re: "resisting" a push part 2

Chris Hein wrote: View Post

Where I think the Aikido internal people have gone astray lately, is they are starting to believe that their is something very unique about the way 'internal' uses the body. I don't find this to be true. I do find that there are many unique methods of training in 'internal' that are quite useful for learning to organize your body. But the end result, whether you take the "traditional" internal path, or a modern athletic approach is much the same.
Chris, nobody has said that, and nobody will say that. Everybody has the same basic body, that works the same way, everybody knows this.

That doesn't mean that everybody uses things the same way. Put a football player and a ballet dancer together and they'll move completely differently. There are things that one does that the other can't, not with a lot of conditioning and/or training. They're just different.

Internals just use a different method of moving and conditioning. At some point, I suppose, you could say it's all "athletics" (which really hasn't been defined either), because everybody's using the same body, but that doesn't mean that someone training in "athletics" can get to the same place as someone using the other methods, or that they even understand the other methods.

Since you, yourself, say that there are "many unique methods" in internals, what's the point here?



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