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Re: White belt to 6th kyu (yellow belt)

Kevin Tejan wrote: View Post
After 9 months of intense training in seidokan Aikido, im ready to test for my first rank 6th kyu. What does this belt mran? Understanding some basic techhniques of Aikido.? thank you!
Rank requirements are different in every school. In my dojo, your first rank means that you can function on the mat well enough to survive a class without killing yourself or someone else, and that you will have a tiny idea of what to do after sensei demonstrates a technique. Pretty much means you got your foot in the door.

Here is a tip that I really wish I had taken. Keep a training journal. Write down stuff after every class, and dont just record the technical information. Record your emotions about classes, your interpersonal interactions, other thoughts.... You will find that reading it as you progress through aikido to be really amusing and informative. I can almost guarantee you that, as you are training for your shodan exam, reading your first entries about the intensity of the training for your 6th kyu will make you smile.
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