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Re: Int. Vs. Ext - resisting a push

Chris Hein wrote: View Post
You're probably right.

To me there is a clear difference between being able to resist force (area 1)and doing something to make less force come in (area 2).

I think we started out talking about area 1 and as the conversation has gone on, everyone is more interested in talking about area 2 now. My need to stay on task has probably made me get out of touch with the conversation.
Well, in fact, Sagawa stated quite clearly (and you may look it up in “ Transparent Power” or “Tomei na Chikara” by Kimura Tatsuo), that Takeda’s and his own aiki were about not letting another’s force impinge on you.

Perhaps, everyone else here is more interested in how this is translated into contemporary aikido?



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