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Re: Ushiro ate-atemi waza?

Daniel Wilson wrote: View Post
Do you recall whether the strikes were with the palm heel or a knife hand (shuto)?
I can't comment on the possible origin of the technique but the first of the dagger techniques in Dai San (tanto dori - ushiro ate) comes to my mind. This one is done with a shuto. And I was once told that this technique was originally done with Tori holding a knife and stabbing just behind the ear.

Daniel Wilson wrote: View Post
Even when using the palm heel it seems that more of a pull downwards and back at around 45 degrees with the palm heel may work better at off-balancing than a downward strike with a palm heel. Yet it is easy to see how a hard palm heel strike would off-balance with shomen ate, aigamae ate, a hard knife hand strike with gyaku gamae ate and an elbow strike with gedan ate.
Tomiki differentiates between an atemi at a physical weak point and at a dynamically weak point. You don't strike as in the usual meaning of the word. Shomen Ate is a handpalm strike to the chin as a dynamically weak point, so it is Aiki Age (rising energy) and Ushiro Ate is a handpalm strike with both hands to the shoulders and is Aiki Sage (dropping energy). You don't pull, you put all your weight in your hands and you drop all that weight onto Uke's shoulders to collapse Uke completely who by that moment was already off-balance.
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