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Re: experiences in applying a float to waza?

Mine's only a rudamentary understanding, but we sometimes practice "backward hanmi handachi," which is (I think) geared toward exploring how to float uke when he/she is physically below you. Mine's only a beginner level of understanding, but it's an interesting orientation to work with; you definately cannot just perform a bicept curl to lift uke, particularly when the arms are extended out away from the core.

In terms of simply floating aite/uke, I've been thinking lately of what one of my sempai told me, which was to be mindful of aite's hip and consciously trying to float it. I imagined a line from his hip going up to my point of contact (which was my tegatana on his front "corner" of the chest) and suddenly the physical struggle diminished noticeably. Holding the orientation in mind and applying my intent to lift/float (rest the driving force on top of my center) got me away from over muscling the contact point...well, less of it anyway.

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