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Re: unusual seiza problem - pain in BACK of knee

Thanks again for all the replies.

If you have intense pain you stop immediately. Nothing helps like a break.

Yes, but two problems: (1) "intense" is subjective--if a doctor said there was nothing wrong, I would be inclined to think I just need to try to force myself lower and get over the pain (maybe I'm just weak); (2) whatever else might be wrong, there is underlying inflexibility in the knee, which needs to get stretched out in order to do seiza properly, so I can't just stop training for every discomfort.

I DO think seeing a sports medicine doc or at least a good PT is the next step.

Yes, I am working on that. I tried to go to a knee clinic in Osaka yesterday, but the doctor wouldn't see me because I don't speak Japanese and didn't have an interpreter with me. I had a friend standing by on a cell phone to translate over the phone, but that didn't cut it. I never even got past the registration desk. Trying to decide now whether to go to a regular doctor in Kyoto or wait a week to try for the knee clinic again...

there can be a disparity between a clear abnormality and the actual source of pain

Yes, I am wondering about that, as my lower legs both appear to me to be shifted slightly laterally rather than being in a real straight line from the upper legs. I've always wondered if my knee joint bends in an anatomically normal manner. If they found a Baker's cyst or damaged meniscus maybe that wouldn't explain the problem.

If you cannot put your finger on it, then it is more difficult.

Yes, when I went to Osaka yesterday, that was the most walking I had done in a couple weeks and all of a sudden I was having pain around the top of my left kneecap as well, something I hadn't experienced before. Another different problem, or all part of the same? Who knows? But at the moment I am really only concerned with getting into seiza. The head instructor told me I can stand to bow in and out, but it feels very conspicuous and invites pity. Plus, I can't participate in any suwariwaza or shikko exercises.
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